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Our Services

All Devsgroup employees are covered for the Super Guarantee, Workers Compensation, Payroll Taxes, GST, PAYG and all other statutory fees and charges.

Benefits our candidates are offered when they choose our salary packaging are:

Devsgroup provides a full payroll management service that eliminates any additional costs to the contractor. Contractors who are aware of our competitive margins and payroll management services choose us over the other agencies giving us an edge in the current ICT market where resources are scarce.

Governance and Strategic Planning

At Devsgroup account managers understand the need to communicate the strategic directions of the organisation for whom we provide the resources. We are aware where the Department's priorities lie in relation to Service Delivery Reform (SDR), Budget Measures such as Carbon Tax, E-servicing, Paid Parental Leave, IT Refresh 5.10 program, Online Claim and Customer online services. We articulate the significance of these directions at our regular internal stakeholder meetings and other appropriate forums and assist IT resources to identify any potential issues, risks or conflicting priorities.

More recent example is when we provided project management service to Department Of Human Services (2010/11 & 2011/12) for a very complex IT project (Intelligent Data Exchange. The project manager has been managing resources in excess of 25 people across the Portfolio (Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support Agency). The project manager has been successful in bringing the project on track, delivered the first major milestone in September on time and within budget. The contract resource has received further extension of twelve months and was rewarded a rate rise for his accomplishments.

ICT Infrastructure Management

Devsgroup has provided services where it was required to manage and deliver complex infrastructure design and deployment including all aspects of environmental, hardware and software components and technical and operating documentation. We ensure that these services are provided at a corporate standard as most of our resources are industry certified.

Some of the recent examples where we have provided these services are ICT Contract resource - Design Consultant (Development Manager) on Digitisation project for Department of Human Services (formerly Centrelink - 2009/10) and ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) Developer resource for Department of Immigration & Citizenship (2009/10).

Applications Management

Devsgroup has extensive experience in providing several resources for this category over the past four years. Our staff have delivered and implemented many projects and applications in DHS that required us to provide strong design, development, testing and support services in a broad range of applications including JAVA, J2EE, Websphere Portal, Message Broker, Process Server, Ecxpert, mainframe applications, transactions (MQ), custom built C#, .NET, Web services, Data Warehousing, Database and other services using latest architecture patterns & frameworks, integration and modelling techniques.

Please see below a list ofsome examples where we have provided ICT contractor staff for various roles in both public and private sectors.

  • Java/Portlet Developer - DHS (2007 to current)& National Health and Medical Research Council(2007/08)
  • Web service Developer - DHS (2007 to current)
  • ESB Developer - DIAC (2009/10)
  • CA GEN Developer - Customs (2009 - to current)& DEEWR (2009/10 & 2010/11)
  • Software Tester - DHS (Medicare & Child Support Program), Department of Education NSW, RACQ Insurance & Australian Research Council (ARC) (2007 - current)
  • Business Analyst - Customs & DHS (2007 to current)
  • Middleware developer - DHS (2007 to current)
  • Analyst Programmer - DHS, DEEWR & ATO (2007 to current)
  • Mainframe Developer - Medicare (2007 to current)

Service Support

Devsgroup are required to deliver contractor support services in continuously evolving and growing environments where our contractor staff assess and reassess impacts on business requirements and outcomes. We have supplied industry accredited Test Managers and Testers (ISTQB certified) to various public and private service organisations.

Some recent examples where we have provider Service Support contractor resources are Testers - DHS (Medicare & Child Support Program), Department of Education NSW, RACQ Insurance & Australian Research Council and Test Managers - ARC. The Test Manager at ARC was required to implement and deliver testing and quality services for a complex IT application and manage a testing team using Agile methodology.

Service Delivery

Devsgroup is aware of the industry standard for ICT Services Management Framework ITIL which enables quality approach to the service delivery, increased productivity, increased customer satisfaction and improves the communication between various entities.

We believe by adopting ITIL standards service goals and objective can be achieved. We continuously adopt these working principles across the spectrum to our skilled resources so that the benefit of these standards can be attained across the various client sites.

We have provided ITIL certified delivery manager service to Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.

Security Management

Devsgroup has good experience in designing, implementing and maintaining software applications that comply to a coherent set of policies and processes to manage risks to its information assets.

Devsgroup have IT contractor staff - Security Experts and Administrators who have good knowledge in developing IT security policies and procedures, performing security reviews and analysing risk, addressing contingency planning and promoting security awareness.

Devsgroup has supplied the above services to DHS (Java/Portlet Developer)& National Health and Medical Research Council.

Telecommunications Management

Devsgroup have provided brokering middleware services that facilitate application integration across different programming languages, hardware platforms and operating systems and extend the connectivity and transport capabilities of the messaging providers.

Devsgroup has successfully placed highly skilled and certified professionals in this category to DIAC (ESB Developer)and DHS (Middleware Developer).

SAP ABAP developers/analysts

Devsgroup has a good understanding of SAP ABAP development especially designed for creating large-scale business applications, with dedicated features for developing backend business functionality, connecting applications, and provisioning services. Our IT contractors use model-driven or code-driven tools to develop and configure user interfaces for web-based business applications.

Devsgroup has provided SAP consultant to DEEWR.


Devsgroup is aware of Government's strategic vision of use of ICT for online presence to improve engagement& collaboration between people & agencies. Devsgroup has extensive proven track record in online citizen service delivery utilising latest internet technologies such as cloud based computing, social platforms. Our significant expertise has provided business value to many governmental entities particularly helpful for those clients striving to improve user experience and accessibility of their Web sites.

Devsgroup has provided Technical Analyst Programmers, Portlet developer and Business Analysts to DHS over the past four years.

Devsgroup has provided high value consulting services in very specialised ICT categories Portal, Middleware and Collaborative workplace solutions. Devsgroup resources have worked in specialised solutions that have included Intranets and Extranets, Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), Integration and Automation, Business Intelligence and Dashboards.

Devsgroup have also provided an Application/ Solution Architect to Australian Customs. The resource implemented and delivered the Integrated Cargo System (ICS) project within Customs. This application manages the clearance of import and export cargo. The system consists of a number of sub-systems each performing different functions supporting the business processes to record, risk assess, and clear cargo. It also interacts with other application systems within Customs as well as other government agencies.

One of the recent examples where Devsgroup resource worked as Middleware designer for DHS project, digitisation Program under Applications Infrastructure and Middleware (AIM) processes digitised images of TDF and other Centrelink document, with Flow Services used to OCR scanned images. The transformed messages from Message Broker are then routed to Web Sphere Process Server BPEL processes for execution. The Human tasks for BPEL and the search functions are managed in Websphere Portal.

Information and Records Management Systems & Applications

Devsgroup has a good understanding of designing, implementing and administering specialized systems for managing records and integrating records management into business systems and processes. We can provide a range of services relating to the management and use of records adhering to the organisations policies and standards.

Devsgroup has delivered records management services through our IT contractor staff to Australian Customs and DHS (Centrelink). This involved our resource to plan the information needs of the project, identify information that required to be captured, create, approve and enforce policies and practices, develop a records storage plan and execute a retention policy on the disposal of the records.

All our contractor resource at DHS (Centrelink) are required to record and maintain FMA (Financial Management and Accountability) documentation that is up to date in accordance to DHS standards and FMA requirements.

A recent example is where we have supplied a Technical Writer resource to Australian Customs.

Candidate Care and Retention

Devsgroup aims to attract and retain highly skilled people to the organisation in an effort to grow our business and provide exceptional service to our clients.

At Devsgroup we believe the retention planning begins with the hiring process. At Devsgroup Contractor hiring is based on skill, attitude and general "fit" within the Client's needs and values. Hiring based on common values and attitudes supports long-term retention. We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff and on their abilities to provide IT professionals with outstanding customer service.

One of the retention strategies we initiated is recruiting staff from overseas using the 457 Visa arrangements. In 2008 we successfully sponsored two overseas contractors under the 457 category, since then one of them obtained Australian Permanent Residency and continued to work for us as a full time consultant.

Below are the some of the key elements of our retention strategy.

  • Long term relationship building.
  • One to One Dealings, Understanding the candidates needs.
  • Sharing knowledge and experience with regular get togethers.
  • Competitive recruitment margin and remuneration.
  • Employee assistance program for PAYG employees.

Devsgroup utilises the below strategies to ensure candidate care and retention;

  • Easy access to our agency's information and policies.
  • We maintain regular contact with all our active contractors on a monthly or weekly basis where required.
  • We publish newsletters along with their payslip. This improves communication with our candidates and keeps them informed of industry news, available job opportunities, emerging technologies etc.
  • We undertake regular client visits not only to call on our account contacts in the Department but to meet our staff on site and ensure they are at ease.
  • We offer and recommend training and education programs to all our staff. This enables them to develop both at a professional and personal level. All employees have access to a comprehensive online training induction program, facilitated learning programs and on the job coaching and mentoring.
  • We seek both client and candidate feedback to enable us to continually improve our services and attain high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Devsgroup is committed to partnering with the Client in the management of Occupational Health and Safety; we recognise that workplace safety is a joint responsibility between us, the Client, and our employees.

With over 10 years of experience in delivering of simple to complex recruitment solutions to Federal Government organisations in Canberra,Devsgroup account managers have developed a thorough understanding and proven its capacity to meet the unique requirements of the Commonwealth within the required guidelines and often in short timeframes.

The team in Devsgroup has demonstrated an understanding of Department's ICT procurement framework and contractor requirements and has demonstrated Devsgroup’s compatibility with the Department’s values and Code of Conduct and special requirements. Devsgroup adheres to the Information Technology Contract & Recruitment Association (ITCRA) Code of Conduct. This can be found at their website

Devsgroup account managers ensure that the selected personnel performing the services under the work order is prepared to perform the required services to a high professional standard and in accordance with relevant best practice, including any Departmental and industry standards, practices and guidelines specified in the Service Order.

Devsgroup account managers ensure that the "specified personnel" as in the service order complies with the timesheet requirement of the department, any disputes such as relating to invoices is resolved by discussion and agreement between relevant parties.

Devsgroup account managers deliver recruitment services which includes

  • ICT Contract Recruitment
  • Executive Recruitment
  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Temporary/Contract Recruitment
  • Payroll Services

At Devsgroup's our account managers strive to adhere to quality management principles that enables us to perform and deliver services in a constantly changing market. By maintaining quality and performance monitoring frameworks we continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes of our company. This enables us to deliver high levels of client and contractor satisfaction. In addition to regular performance reviews, self evaluations and long term skills maintenance/ training plan, at our regular stakeholder meetings our account managers pass on information regarding the latest emerging technologies and trends to our consultants.

Our account managers are qualified personnel who are able to undertake the client's required reference checks such as

  • verify the candidate's latest 5 year employment history
  • check if the candidate's have valid work visas
  • conduct background and police checks

Devsgroup assigns an account manager when a contract/ tender is awarded to us and our account manager will ensure that any matters relating to this contract are smoothly executed and delivered.

Our account managers ensure that the Fees and Charges:

  • are fixed and firm for the period of the contract;
  • are inclusive of all relevant costs and charges, and Australian and overseas Taxes (other than Australian GST in respect of Fees and Charges specified in the Official Order to be on a GST exclusive basis); and
  • represent the total consideration payable by the Department for all matters relevant to the contract.

If there are any scenarios where there is an disputed amount our account managers will ensure that this is resolved in accordance with the Dispute resolution provisions that are available to us.

We believe that our Account Management methodology will enable us to

  • submit invoices for payment, and any supporting documentation required by the Department, in the manner specified in the relevant Service Order;
  • calculate fees accurately in accordance with the relevant Contract;
  • pay all relevant taxes, duties and government charges imposed or levied in Australia or overseas in connection with the performance of a Contract.

Payroll Services

Devsgroup offers payroll services to all its staff. Our account managers ensure that the following are dealt with on behalf of our candidates with their employer:

  • Invoicing the client or designated agency
  • Payment of salary
  • Payment of compulsory superannuation
  • Payment of mandatory insurances, such as Workers Compensation, Public Liability and Indemnities
  • Preparation of Pay Summary (Group certificate)
  • Novated Leases
  • Fringe Benefit Tax preparations

Recently a Devsgroup Test Manager resource has managed the UAT Team in ATO up to 25 users at any one time. Test Manager was required to liaise with ATO, Hewlett Packard, Lockheed martin, Optus, BMC, EA and all other service providers to successfully deliver the Service Desk Management project in accordance to a coherent Test Plan. We have also provided UAT services to the Defence Department.

Devsgroup service support resources have developed and executed Test strategies, Test plans and Schedules and have managed the defects through the Quality Centre, JIRA and other defect management tools.

We have provided both Test Manager and Tester resources to DHS. Our Test Manager managed multiple teams (System testing and UAT teams) in Employment Service Model project where up to 15 testers were on board at any point in time. It was a Centrelink/DEEWR combined project. The Test Manager responsibilities in these projects were to manage the testing team, prepare and peer review the test plan, test strategy, test matrix, test cases, test reports, test metrics, UAT scenarios, defect management, monitor and execute the testing and sign offs. Our team prepared 2500 test cases and executed them using multiple specialised resources. This project was developed in Mainframe M204, Janus technologies.

Another testing project where our resources were recognised by DHS Centrelink Senior Management for our outstanding results was when we managed and delivered the Referral Redesign project and achieved “Zero” defects in production.

Service Delivery

Devsgroup has recently secured couple of tenders where we are required to provide IT Service management that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business in Australian Customs.

Our resources working on delivering IT service design our required to provide service level management, availability management, capacity management, information security management system adhering to ITIL framework and standards.

Other areas of service delivery where our resources have provided services to DHS are below.

  • Change Management
  • Incident Management
  • Release/ Deployment Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Transition Planning & support
  • Service desk
  • IT operations Management

Security Management

Devsgroup has provided IT Security consultant to DHS (Centrelink & Medicare).

Our contractors were required to design, develop and maintain J2EE/ RMI-CORBA applications that provided registration, authentication, authorisation and audit services in a multi-platform environment.

Other services provided were design and development of a service to archive audit trails from WebCapture to mainframe storage system.

In certain specific IT Security projects in DHS our resources were required to maintain an automated security management system that manages users' access to local area network resources and implemented a facility to synchronise user information in Lotus Notes, SAP/HR and access management systems.

Some of the major projects/ applications where we provided contractor resources are below.

  • eBusiness Identity and Access Management
  • IT Security Services
  • National Emergency Call Centre
  • Single sign on (SSO) and user management services
  • Customer Online Registration

Telecommunications Management

Devsgroup has provided brokering middleware services to DIAC and DHS. Our Design Consultant (Development Manager) has worked on the Digitisation project in DHS. In this role our resource had to manage the design and development of the BPEL Processes, Message Broker flows, MQ and installation/configuration of softwares and infrastructure components. Devsgroup resource managed the integration of Websphere Portal, Message Broker and Process server applications for the overall solution delivery of Digitisation project.

At DIAC for CMAL project, Devsgroup provided a contractor resource for the role of Integration Manager/Tech lead. In this role our contractor was required to liaise with external vendor (for ETAS system ), CSC for security firewall implementation, MSOS for promoting Midrange build/support/monitoring, MOS for setting up MQ pass-through via Mainframe, Release/Change Management for change requests and Database team for upgrades and Production clusters.

SAP ABAP developers/analysts

Devsgroup SAP ABAP consultants have designed and developed applications that process large amounts of data efficiently. Our resources use the comprehensive set of ABAP Testing Tools below, which ensure high quality programs

  • Extendend Program Check
  • Code Inspector
  • ABAP Unit
  • Coverage Analyzer
  • eCATT

Our IT contractor resource worked on the HR and Financial Systems overhaul in DEEWR when DEST and DEEWR systems had to be consolidated to one system.


Devsgroup’s highly experienced Web team has provided design services to Federal government entities for over four years. Our team includes graphic artists, portal architects, portlet developers, iphone application developers and experts in accessibility and usability. Our contract developers use the latest software and techniques to ensure a positive online experience for all citizens.

Experience included

  • Use of best practices in Web site architecture, design, navigation and coding
  • Expertise in compliance with both federal and state accessibility requirements
  • Access to a wide array of online tools for enhanced e-government capabilities
  • Availability of standard packages

More recent examples where we have provided Technical Analyst Programmer, Portlet developer and Business Analyst to DHS. Our contractor resource has successfully delivered Organisation Online Mail System (Centrelink), the aim of this project was to provide an optional electronic channel for delivering Centrelink letters to Third Party Organisations through the Third Party Portal in the form of PDFs.