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Awards and Accolades

Our contractor staff have been awarded the below awards at various client agencies for their outstanding contribution and service

We have developed a comprehensive service reporting system that records and organizes complete documentation for all billed consulting activities. The practice of detailing and archiving service activity results in more effective support and eliminates a variety of typical problems.

Devsgroup is committed to knowledge transfer from our consultants to customers. By educating clients to handle problems that are within their scope, we can concentrate on providing hard-to-find services. Clients benefit when Devsgroup consultant transfers knowledge about critical technology and tested methodologies to make their IT systems more reliable, secure, and productive.

Milestones/ Achievements

The below is the list of services/ contractor services that Devsgroup has successfully recruited and placed in many public sector agencies.

  • Project Managers, Business Analysts, Software and Performance Testers, JAVA/ J2EE Developers, Mainframe/ M204 Developers, MQ Series Developers, Message Broker Developers, Process Server Designer/ Developer, Portlet Developer, IT Co-ordinator, Ecxpert Specialist, EAI Specialist, SOA Architect and Web Developers/ Designers - Department of Human Services - Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support Program
  • ESB Developer, Message Broker Developer, MQ Series Developer and SOA Developer - Department of Immigration and Citizenship.
  • Service Delivery Manager, Unix/ Linux Administrator, CA GEN Developer, Business Analyst and Database Administrator - Australian Customs and Border Protection Service
  • Service Delivery Manager, Test Manager - Australian Research Council
  • EAI Developer, MQ Series Developer, Message Broker Developer, JAVA/ J2EE Developer - Australian Taxation Office
  • SAP Consultants, .NET Programmers, C# Programmers, CA GEN and Mainframe Developer, Project Manager - Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
  • Software Tester - Department of Education (NSW)
  • JAVA/ J2EE Architect/ Developer - National Health and Medical Research Council
  • Software Testers - RACQ Insurance (QLD)

Client Focus

Devsgroup prides itself on a maintaining a strong culture of customer service. We have mature standards and systems that underpin our dealings and communications with our clients. Matched with the friendly, professional approach of our people – we consider ourselves to be a client-focused organisation.

Our work at Devsgroup is guided by principles of leadership and workplace diversity, and we seek to provide best possible service to our clients. We consider our work objective is not only to deliver technical and business outcomes, but also to develop and build relationships with our business.

Our success in the role of Panel Member suppling and delivering IT contractors/ resources is demonstrated by our commitment and drive to secure and provide accredited/ certified, highly skilled and professional resources. These resources have implemented and delivered major initiatives, projects and applications in DHS over the past four years.

Devsgroup has comprehensive experience in providing highly skilled and industry certifiedresources to DHS. These resources have provided services to many projects and applications such as

  • Service Delivery Reform (SDR)
  • Carbon Tax
  • E-servicing
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • IT Refresh 5.10 program
  • Online Claim
  • Customer online services
  • IT Security Services
  • Database Services
  • Building Australia's Future Workforce
  • SEAM
  • Other Budget Measures and Government Policies
  • Maintaining existing Client services and applications

At Devsgroup we understand the Agency's organisational strategic direction and vision is to provide their customers services that would enable those in need to support themselves, service delivery, work to the Government of the day and support and maintain existing services and applications. Devsgroup and our contract resources are able to apply sound research, interpretation and problem solving skills, demonstrate the capacity for originality of thought and think strategically, make well balanced informed decisions in relation to the work we undertake in DHS.

Our staff providing services in DHS are often presented with scenarios/ situations that requires them to demonstrate effective time management skills, a clear ability to prioritise their workload in an efficient manner in order to meet deadlines and complete a variety of tasks in a in a timely and professional manner.

Projects and applications that Devsgroup contractors have undertaken in DHS were completed in a smooth and efficient manner. Some projects for example Paid Parental Leave required our staff to implement and deliver tasks in a crisis environment that required the ability to quickly establish priorities and complete tasks often under pressure without compromising on performance standards and customer experience.

Devsgroup are aware of the upcoming work and projects such as SDR, SEAM, DHS SAP Integration, Carbon Tax, DHS Connected Authentication, DHS Infrastructure consolidation, Enhancements to Basic Card etc. where DHS could potentially require Panel members to supply resources with the right skills in a timely and cost effective manner. Devsgroup can provided these services from its resource pool that comprises of the below roles/ skills (where many of these resources are industry accredited)

  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • ICT and SOA Architects
  • Software and Middleware Developers
  • System and Software Testers and Test Managers
  • Database Administrators and Designers
  • Unix and Linux Administrators
  • Technical Analyst Programmers (for example Model 204, JAVA, J2EE, Portal, Websphere, SAS, CICS, COBOL, DB2, Delta, Ecxpert, Documentum, .NET, C#, ABAP, Mainframe, Web service, Lotusetc.)
  • Specialists (SAP, Message Broker, Process Server, Datastage, CA GEN, ESB, MQ, Information security etc.)
  • Service Delivery Managers (ITIL certified)
  • Web Developers and Designers

Our inclusion in the Centrelink panel in 2007 is a reflection of our unrelenting focus, professionalism and experience in providing ICT recruitment services to various entities in the federal government and corporate enterprises. Centrelink panel have shown their faith in our abilities by awarding us over 20 work orders in the last 4 years. We currently have 13 resources working in DHS under various ICT service categories.

Over the last four years Devsgroup Account Manager has built a strong, professional, flexible and reliable working relationships and partnerships with his counterparts in DHS IT Contracts Area. In addition we have a dedicated recruitment team who specialise in DHS and other Public service recruitment.

We firmly believe that with our proven track record as a current Centrelink Panel member we are in an ideal position to provide the required contractor and consultant services to DHS in a timely and cost effective manner. In addition we are proud that we have established a collaborative relationship with DHS to deploy a structured implementation including account establishment, documentation, technology, communication and operation to ensure continuity of service provision.

Governance and Strategic Planning

Devsgroup has comprehensive experience in implementing and delivering DHS projects and applications such as Service Delivery Reform (SDR), Budget Measures such as Carbon Tax, E-servicing, Paid Parental Leave, IT Refresh 5.10 program, Online Claim and Customer online services.

Several of Devsgroup consultants are engaged to undertake a variety of management and analytical tasks culminating in a major review of the Agency’s applications (SDR Projects). Our assignments with the DHS provide the best evidence of our ability to satisfy this criterion.

Some of the key skills our contractors provided are

  • Project Management
  • Information Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Analysis
  • Organisational Review
  • Business Case Development
  • Service Delivery Management

In recent years we have also provided contractor staff who responsible for management and delivery of Job Services Australia and Disability Employment Services projects in DEEWR. Our staff were recognised for their extensive liaison and negotiation skills with both internal & external stakeholders including DHS.

Another major service we have delivered in 2005 was the ATO Mainframe & Midrange communications & infrastructure software. The ATO framework developed by our contractors enabled DIAC to access agency information collected by ATO.

ICT Infrastructure Management

Devsgroup's area of expertise includes System Administration, System Architect Design Engineering, Network Designing & Administration, Implementation of virtual data centre monitoring station in different time zones for 7 X 24 support, Network Security & Backup, Hardware Servicing, and Disaster Recovery in IT and Telecommunication field.

We have provided ICT Infrastructure consultants, who specialise in Individual Leadership, ITIL, Configuration & Release Management, Problems & Change Management, and Service Desk & Incident Management, to DHS and private sector firms. Our Infrastructure resources are certified in Solaris, HP ux10, IBM AIXV4 System Administration.

Some of the successfully delivered projects are

  • Implementation of Data centre
  • Customizing of SOE on Windows XP for Nortel
  • Active directory construction, IIS and apache Web services implementation
  • Designing in Microsoft clustering Project for Biz Talk application

Applications Management

Devsgroup developer resources designed and implemented integration business solutions using Service Proxy, Service Façade patterns while working on many projects at DHS, Customs, DEEWR, ARC, DIAC, ATO etc which were designed using SOA Architecture.

Devsgroup Javadeveloper resources at Medicare designed and implemented solutions using various patterns like MVC, Business Delegate, Composite Entity, Data Access Object, Front Controller, Service Locator, Transfer Object etc;

ESQL, XML, SOAP , XML, XSLT and SOAP are key technologies for any application integration. Devsgroup middleware consultants have extensive experience working on these technologies and have designed and developed a variety of business solutions using these technologies in combination with Message Broker, Process Server, Ecxpert, Portal server and other web technologies

Devsgroup Business Analyst resources at Federal Government agencies use latest Business Process Modelling techniques and tools. On several projects the Business Analysts are required to model prototypes, business processes and requirements using Use case and Activity diagrams. They are also required to produce business reference models, business process integration, reengineering and management of business requirements.

Devsgroup consultants have good knowledge of the software development processes such as Waterfall, Agile, Iterative and Spiral models and their use in large and complex projects. Devsgroup aims to adhere to the industry and Departmental standards that define all the tasks required for developing and maintaining software.

Please see below a list of some examples where we have provided ICT contractor staff for various application management roles in both public and private sectors

  • Java/Portlet Developer - DHS & National Health and Medical Research Council
  • Web service Developer - DHS
  • ESB Developer - DIAC
  • CA GEN Developer - Customs & DEEWR
  • Software Tester - DHS (Medicare & Child Support Program), Department of Education NSW, RACQ Insurance & Australian Research Council (ARC)
  • Business Analyst - Customs & DHS
  • Middleware developer - DHS
  • Analyst Programmer - DHS, DEEWR & ATO
  • Mainframe Developer - Medicare